Fun sensory egg hunt for babies!

So, in honor of my first DIY, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…most teachers think dollar stores (and thrift stores) are the most amazing stores ever created! Yep, it’s true! Along with our many talents, teachers are great bargain hunters! Why, you say? Well, most teachers you meet will tell you that they make purchases for their classroom with their own money. When you have to dish out the dollars, you’ve got to be resourceful and love to recycle–sometimes too much (every roll of toilet paper, spoons, tissue boxes, grocery bags, etc.) because you never know when you might need them for a project! 🙂

I’m always thinking of ways to make works, the Montessori word for “activities” (sorry, my brain is wired already) for Louie. After all, it’s been my dream for years to be able to do these things with my own child!!! Yay! We were invited to an Easter breakfast/hunt where my friend and I joked that Louie is so little that he would just be sitting and playing with one egg. It’s adorable and true but it made me think…how can I make this interactive for him too….so during one of my dollar store strolls, I came up with a sensory egg hunt for babies!

Each egg is a different color and each shaker makes a different sound. Your baby will love digging in to make a mess with the “grass” and listening to all the fun sounds, they may even try to shake them depending on their age. This work can definitely be adapted for all ages! All items were either bought in the dollar store or found in my home (casually hoarding collecting).

  • Painters tape (or washi tape)
  • Scissors
  • Basket/bin (I recycled a Melissa & Doug one)
  • Shredded “grass” or paper
  • Plastic eggs
*all materials not pictured*

Egg fillers: You can use any fillers. Play with types and the amount since you want to make sure some make soft sounds and loud sounds. Here’s what I used:

  • (2) Pipe cleaners (cut into about 1 1/2 inch pieces)
  • (5) Googly eyes
  • Several Paper clips
  • (2) Large Pebbles
  • (2) Straws (cut into about 1/2 inch pieces)


1.  Fill basket with shredded paper


2. Fill eggs


3. Secure eggs with tape


4. Hide eggs


5. Let the hunt begin!

(See my instagram for Louie’s initial reaction)


Please remember never to leave your child unsupervised during your play! I hope you and your baby enjoy! 


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